Interview by Romeo Moran
Photos by Mona Yeena Tan

Touching base with the Filipina Elite champion Monica Torres, who brought her game up to the next level in this year’s Ironman 70.3

How was the race for you?

I think it’s a better course this year with the bike being a single M. The roads are in better condition, also the weather’s also a little easier. Last year was very very windy. I didn’t really feel that bad with the heat, and also a lot of the parts of the run were shadier this year. I think there was more foliage this year, I don’t know. I’ve been also training a lot in the heat in Subic, so that’s maybe that’s my advantage.


What was the hardest part of the race for you?

The swim was a little—facing the beach, the current was going a little to the left, so we’re swimming against the current, especially in the second part of the swim, it picked up. Actually, they said a lot of people didn’t make the cutoff for the swim because of the strong current. So I think that was a challenge, especially given that I’m not a swimmer. It’s really tough for me. Real tiring.

What were your thoughts when you were coming in to the finish line?

For this race, I wanted to go under 4:40, so I made it in 4:39. I made my goal! Cause I was like, I think the signs are a little messed up especially in the last five hundred meters—there were five signs that said “last 500 meters,” and it wasn’t even 20K yet, so I was like, “Waah! Where is the finish line! I wanna make my time!” So yes, I did make it just under 4:40, so that’s my PR for this course.


What are you looking forward to now after the race?

I’m just gonna enjoy with my friends, enjoy Cebu.

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