By Eloisa Lopez

SEAG gold-medalist Nikko Huelgas shares his favorite post-workout snack

Many triathletes live by the words, “train like an athlete, eat like a nutritionist.” It is no myth that a good workout session is just as good as a balanced meal. In fact, one without the other is simply a waste of effort. You cannot outrun a bad diet just as you cannot expect to get a toned body just by eating a salad bowl. A healthy and balanced lifestyle is the key to reaching your goals.

To guide you, we have invited some friends in our Multisport community to share their favorite post-workout meals. First on this series is the Captain of the Philippine National Triathlon Team and Gold Medalist of the Men’s Triathlon in the SEA Games 2015, Nikko Huelgas.



Nikkos Protein-Banana Smoothie



1-2 scoops of Ultragen recovery powdered drink
1 banana (chopped)
Crushed ice
250ml of Milk( usually low fat)


1 )    Mix all ingredients together in a shaker.
2)     Transfer in a glass or tumbler, and enjoy!


Nutritionists recommend to include at least one superfood to every meal. This post-workout smoothie is just perfect because banana is a superfood that provides a dose of potassium, which controls your blood pressure as it gets depleted during exercise. Eating a banana can also reduce the chances of strokes and hypertension.

Bananas also provide Vitamin C, which helps in the absorption of iron, strengthening your muscles and bones and preventing bruising. Having a decent amount of iron in the system will also hinder the chances of iron deficiency anemia, a condition in which your blood lacks healthy red blood cells — without which, oxygen cannot be transferred to the body’s tissues.

Some studies also show that nutrients found in bananas help alleviate depression. Having a banana for your meal or snack post-workout has shown to significantly elevate your mood.

More than that, bananas are also high in fiber, which controls both cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Not only does that help reduce your chances of getting chronic diseases, it also keeps you from gaining extra weight.

Ultimately, the best thing about bananas is its low cost, portability, and availability in all markets in the country. With the number of recipes you can find featuring bananas, it should definitely be a staple in everyone’s kitchen and diet.

ms_profile_eloisalopezEloisa Lopez is a photo correspondent for Philippine Daily Inquirer, and a writer for Union of Catholic Asian News ( She holds a BA in Communication Arts from De La Salle University. Her work has appeared in ABS-CBN News Online, BusinessMirror, and BizNews Asia, among others. She just recently started joining running events and is working towards improving her personal record. Currently, Eloisa is training for a half marathon in 2016.