By Romeo Moran

The clock’s struck eight. I am lying on a lane of artificial turf, sweating my face off. The stress of exertion has left me really sore, sore enough to feel like my body is but a shell of myself, with my spirit just hovering about the general vicinity. I, as well as a fellow willing victim, had just gotten through a grueling finisher on a pair of TRX cables involving a relentless pounding of our cores. I would feel it for days. I’ll be able to get up in the morning, but I would feel the pain in my abdominals for days.

This is the sort of insanity the coaches at Focus Athletics put us through on a regular basis with their new Focus 60 program. And this is the sort of insanity that’ll make people like me keep coming back.

Honestly, Focus 60 is a dream come true. It’s a semi-private (meaning you could be alone, you could be with someone else, or you could be eight in a group, but never more than that) training program that allows anyone, whether they’re new to this or been doing this a while, to work out like a professional athlete. I’m not kidding—the whole thing is designed to make you torch body fat like an athlete, pack on muscle like an athlete, jump higher like an athlete, run faster like an athlete, improve your balance like an athlete; you name it, they’ll make you do it like an athlete. And that’s an awesome experience.

“It’s our fourth year of operations, and there’s a big demand for semi-private training,” Focus founder Paolo Cabalfin tells me one evening, right after he finishes sweating and right before I head into my session. Paolo is a chill, easygoing guy, a big dude who comes in and does his own thing. Something I want to do in the future—#goals, if you will. “Several goals in mind that the training was designed for, so we decided to put up with a system, an all-encompassing system that really related well to a lot of demographics.”

Once upon a time I could only watch Instagram videos of athletes and celebrities better off than I am go through specialized training—with fun stuff you don’t see in bakal gyms, like sleds and battle ropes—things that I only fantasize about whenever I’d lace my gym shoes up. You can only really go so far coming up with your own workouts, especially if you’re not a certified trainer and your only claim to fame is voracious reading of fitness sites on the Internet. I’ve always wanted to go above and beyond what bros usually do when they pump iron, and to do that, I needed help. Actual professional help.

So thank heavens for Focus. It’s amazing what you can do when you break free of all the things you usually do in a traditional gym. “All the benefits you would get from functional training, functional movements, as well as plyometrics, core training, muscle activation, everything you’d find in a training system,” describes Paolo. Yeah, you still lift weights here, but it’s an equal part of this way of exercise that’s much more fun; not only are weights part of the program, but you get to jump around, sprint, throw balls, push a sled, and so on. That’s just putting it simply, but I just wanted to show how it goes way beyond an hour of repetitively curling a dumbbell. Oh, and the best part? The coaches keep you guessing—it’s a whole different workout every time you step into the gym, and they’re gonna push you harder into places you could ever reach by yourself.

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Although there are, by my estimation, a lot of gyms in the Metro that are starting to offer this, there’s just something fulfilling about the way they do it in Focus. Perhaps it’s the sense of accomplishment I get with all the pain after a session. I put myself through some pretty hard stuff on my own, but taking the orders of a coach who actually knows what they’re doing amplifies the feeling a thousand times.

Can anyone jump in and do it? The answer is yes, but you’re gonna have to brace yourself for a shock to the system. “It was designed exactly for [every fitness goal],” says Paolo. “Whatever fitness goal or training goal that you have in mind, whether it be fitness-specific, or athlete-centric, or sports-specific, anybody can take this training system and accomplish their goals.”

Like with any fitness program, if you man/woman up and stick with it no matter how hard it gets, you’re going to see results. The only difference is—and it might be too soon for me to say as I’ve only been here a couple of months—but I feel like I’ve gotten way more out of this than I’ve had doing other things.

“They definitely shouldn’t expect getting weaker, they shouldn’t expect not to drop body fat, they shouldn’t expect not to look great, they shouldn’t expect not to feel great, not to feel good, and to move and to function their best for 2016,” Paolo says. As a guy who’s been trying to get better for years, I’m inclined to believe him.

So if you’re angling for that beach body for summer, what else are you waiting for? Join me and we can both be lying wasted on the turf, sweating our faces off, by 8 p.m one day. And it’ll all be worth it, because we’ll both be better off for it.

Focus Athletics is currently offering a promo of P5000 for one unlimited month of Focus 60. Focus is at 2259 Pasong Tamo Ext., Makati.

Photo from Focus Athletics