By Eloisa Lopez

Support local while sweating it out!

One of the most effective motivations for working out is having great pieces of clothing to wear. We’re all guilty of this, especially when you’ve just gone on a shopping spree at your favorite sportswear store.

But we all know that buying athletic gear comes with a price—and an expensive one at that. Personally, shopping at the big international brands is more of a luxury, a moment of rarity that happens once in a blue moon.

However, that should not always be the case. In fact, you should never have to save up for months just to suit yourself up with brand-new gym clothes. The solution? Check out the steals from these four local sportswear brands:

1. For the basics

If you’re into wearing the basics, Blackbough Activewear produces classic sports bras, shorts, and leggings in different colors. Classic pieces go well with everything, so these are perfect for mixing and matching with your other favorites. What’s even better is that their prices range from P975-P1500 only.


Shop at or check out their Instagram page @blackboughsweat.

2. For the prints

To match your fun and funky music while training, Be Amazing Fitness Apparel offers trendy sportswear in bright colors and eye-catching prints. These are perfect for when you’re running at night, or in the wee hours of the morning. You won’t have to worry about being invisible to vehicles. Price ranges from P550-P1050.


Shop at or check their Instagram page @beamaz1ng.

3. For the minimalist

For lovers of neutral hues and girls who refuse to wear anything other than black and white, here is the answer to your prayers. MillenX Activewear easily makes looking sporty chic while training. They have unique pieces with designs not even the big international brands have thought of. And the quality? Well, the National Beach Volleybal Team can attest to it, because they got the brand to gear them up for their games! Price range is P980-1980.


Shop at or check their Instagram page @millennx.

4. For the relaxed fit

Whether you’re a yogi, Zumba enthusiast, or a pole dancer, Perfectform Sportswear is perfect for you. Their designs are great for flaunting the back and protecting the front—best for hot yoga classes when you just want to take off your clothes! They also have pieces for high impact workouts that are all fun and flirty in style. Price ranges from P400-P950.



Eloisa Lopez is a photo correspondent for Philippine Daily Inquirer, and a writer for Union of Catholic Asian News ( She just recently started joining running events and is working towards improving her personal record. Currently, Eloisa is training for a half marathon in 2016.