Good music can make all the difference

By Eloisa Lopez | Photo courtesy of Ian Banzon


Remember when we featured her last year and she became a heartthrob?

Sometimes the thought of running becomes unbearable. When the heat outdoors is sweltering, the inviting smell of your favorite food is within reach, and the comfort of your bed is impossible to ignore, it becomes all too easy to skip the road.

When these moments face us, we struggle to fight the easy. We try to choose the difficult—the road we’ve chosen the moment we first started running. And in these moments, sometimes the only motivation is music, with lyrics that inspire, and sounds that revive.

For Nike Running Club Coach Ian Banzon, the song “Fighter” by Gym Class Heroes does the trick. She calls it her “pump-up song” that ultimately helped her especially during the SEA Games, where she competed for the national water polo team. The song was her alarm clock every four in the morning, and the gun start to her first jump in the pool for training.

“It comes off as very honest to me,” Ian shares. The song tackles the struggles that athletes go through to strive for excellence, and become the best among the pack. And as an athlete of different sports, Ian has had her fair share of these experiences. “[The song] is a lot about believing in yourself, not giving up, and just fighting through everything. It’s those things that build your character.”

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