Cafe Enye wants to make #BrosWhoBrunch happen

By Lea Javier Tanton

Guys need a hangout spot too, especially if you are a father spending a lot of time driving through Manila traffic, training or cycling in the afternoon, and spending time with your wife and kids at night.

When do you fit in the bros? Surely during a nice breakfast or lunch; it could be doable, and Café Enye, a new restaurant in Eastwood City, was put up exactly for those bro moments. The men behind Café Enye wanted a place where good food, good beer and great atmosphere create that perfect place to relax and enjoy some good old bro time.

Café Enye came about because ladies are always out for brunch with their amigas, but the guys are left to choose from posh tea rooms, dive bars, upscale lounges, or the simple down-to-earth burger joints if they wanted to have some brunch, and the owners wanted to change that. How about a solid, clean, affordable and healthy eating spot for men—and a place where they could still enjoy a good, cold brew?

The variety of food and beverages at Enye won’t keep you from maintaining your healthy or athletes diet, as their colorful and healthy menu can satisfy any customer. Their food embraces traditional Filipino and Spanish colonial dishes with various twists, while still staying true to the original takes. You can go in there for a meeting, go back to the office for some quick work, and then go back for a nice cold brew!

Here are a few of the things we took delight in trying:

Patatas Bravas, Pollo Croquettas, Chicken Mojo skewers, Chicharrones salad, Gambas Enye-style, calamares
Dishes from the special brunch menu, including house-cured beef tapa, homemade daing na Bangus, plantain and chorizo tortillas, caesar salad mojo chicken breast, the garlic cilantro mussels and clams, gambas Enye-style, Patatas Bravas and chorizo scotch eggs, accompanied by nice brunch cocktails, the house Mimosa and Bloody Mary

Cafe Enye is located in Eastwood, Quezon City, and is open every day from 7 a.m. to 1 a.m.