This aftersport rubdown may be just what you need after a grueling session

By Romeo Moran

Any athlete, fitness or sports enthusiast, or anyone who just likes to get moving can agree that working out would be a lot more fun if we didn’t have to deal with all the pain and soreness afterward. The strain, the actual exertion is fun in the moment, especially when you feel powerful, but it is true that muscle soreness can be more than just pain bothering you. When you’re new to these things or when you plain do too much, the pain can limit your range of motion.

This soreness and discomfort is exactly what the makers of ºA-Game Aftersport Rubdown wants to help you deal with. It’s a locally-made alcohol-based post-exercise… rub, as the name of the thing says, and it’s designed to decrease pain, regulate body temperature (it’s got a nice, soothing cooling effect going on) muscle inflammation, and muscle fatigue when you use it during your post-workout cooldown.

I’ve been trying ºA-Game over the course of a month, while doing some pretty intense functional training and once-a-week three-kilometer runs (I am an impatient man who can’t stand running for more than 20 minutes, so sue me). The instructions on the bottle say that all you have to do is gently rub and massage the sore body parts as needed, so that’s exactly what I did.

For one thing, ºA-Game doesn’t explicitly promise that you won’t feel the soreness in the morning, which is what most athletes and active people fear the most when they go hard. Every time I used it on some aching body part, I did feel immediate relief, but only for a while, perhaps 15 or so minutes at most. I thought that long-term relief was what it helped do for some reason, so that’s what I expected. It may also be that I didn’t apply as much of it as I really needed to, but I was actively trying not to waste too much of it.

It seems as though you’re going to have to repeatedly apply ºA-Game according to how much soreness your body’s in, as the relief goes away relatively soon even if you massage a little deep or use a foam roller with it (which I tried). The good thing is that you don’t need to use up too much of the rubdown to get the relief you need, so you’ll get a lot of mileage out of a 300 ml bottle.

ºA-Game Aftersport Rubdown is available at Chris Sports at P350 for a 300 ml bottle.