Photos by Danica Condez

For the third year in a row, The Century Tuna Superbods Underpants Run drew an excited crowd of participants stripping down to their knickers (some with added bells and whistles, wings and feathers) to kick the Ironman 70.3 weekend in Subic Bay. While cash prizes were included in the festivities, the 3K fun run, which is a Kona tradition, is steadily gaining traction for the spirit of camaraderie and joy the race fosters. Did we also mention it’s a great way to become more comfortable in your own skin?

Pink is always a good idea, especially this year


Underpants Run_1198
Tropic Thunder?


Underpants Run_1211
Possibly the hottest guy who looks good in diapers


Underpants Run_1227
Major props for the peacock feathered cap


Underpants Run_1237
Grace under pressure


Underpants Run_1249
This is a race that is open to every body


Underpants Run_1256
Welcome addition to The Incredibles


Underpants Run_1275
Getting away from someone?


Underpants Run_1279
Representing the indigenous community


Underpants Run_1297
No problems here


Underpants Run_1311
Abs for days


Underpants Run_1339-2
Let’s go Daddy!! One of the “Aww” moments of the race


Underpants Run_1347
Bunny Belinda


Underpants Run_1363
He-Man, Master of the Underpants Run


Underpants Run_1374
Captain oh captain


Underpants Run_1401
Full force


Underpants Run_1408
Took a cue from Victoria’s Secret