How do the Angels prepare for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

By Ea Francisco | Lead photo from Instagram

Models have a long history of getting criticism for their bodies, which shows how much people know about them these days. But these models, especially Victoria’s Secret ones, work insanely hard to maintain their bodies (and, no, they don’t starve or crash diet). I’m pretty sure if an average person tried a model workout, they’d feel ashamed. Here’s quick look at how some VS models prepare for a show.

For the longest running Angel Adriana Lima, the secrets to her 17-year streak are boxing and jumping rope. She even told W Magazine that she works out six times a week and makes sure to bring a jump rope when she’s traveling.

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Newcomer Alexina Graham also does a lot of boxing, and she doesn’t skip out on the weight training either. Even before she was chosen, she says that she already exercises every day, so this is pretty much normal for her.

VS Angels have to look long and lean, and being the first East Asian Angel means Liu Wen isn’t going to fall short. She does a lot of stretching even outside her usual workout.


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Along with the usual gym work, Chinese model Sui He keeps fit through swimming and horseback riding.


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Brazilian model Gizele Oliviera takes it outside as she can be occasionally seen exercising outdoors or running to the gym.

You can even find her boxing with one of her best friends and fellow Angel Bruna Lirio.

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Don’t ever tell me that models tell us to starve, because Spanish model Blanca Padilla has literally told everyone that you need to eat. She admits to having a skinny complex before, so her method of weight maintenance is all about working hard with some extra focus on her legs.

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Probably one of the most athletic models, Jasmine Tookes’ background in sports shows in her workouts. She regularly exercises with weights and does squats to tone her legs and butt.

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According to Self, even she has her days when she doesn’t want to exercise, so her advice is to do it with a friend to keep you motivated. Her workout companion is fellow Angel, Josephine Skriver.

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