Get the same results as frying without the fat

By Ea Francisco

Picking out healthy ingredients is one thing, but cooking them is another issue.

Any fresh vegetable can lose all nutritional value once you use an unhealthy cooking method. Frying is out of the question, and you can only live on steamed food for so long.

Roasting, one of the better options, is similar to baking in the sense that it’s cooked in high temperature and uses an oven’s dry heat. The only difference really is what kind of food you put in the oven. Aside from steaming, roasting is one of the healthiest ways to cook meat.

The main issue people have with roasting is that oil is still used—though a lot less compared with frying. This is something however you can work around with because you don’t necessarily need to oil your roasting pan. There’s also a rack that goes with your roasting pan, so you can hang your meat as it cooks to drain its fat. Some vitamin B might be lost when you drain the juices, but fix it up by making it into au jus.

Another reason why roasting is a healthier way of cooking is that you can still make something crispy without dipping it in oil. If you start off with high temperature, you can get a crisp coating on the outside on any food. According to Livestrong, you can cook typically deep-fried food in an oven, and it’ll have less fat and calories because you’ll be cutting back on oil.

While intense heat from roasting can damage some nutrients, it’s basically a given for any method of cooking really. The New York Times notes that while cooking lessens some nutrients, it can make others easier to digest such as the carotenoids in carrots and lycopene in tomatoes.

The intense heat might not do any favors for water-soluble nutrients like vitamin C, but the same can be said for boiling, which can drain nutrients, too. This can be avoided by not overcooking your vegetables.

Roasting may have its downfalls, but it’s still on the healthier side of the spectrum. Every cooking method has its own disadvantages, but the trick is to not just stick to one type of cooking method.