The younger Efron brother Dylan dedicates a lot of his time to fitness

By Catherine Orda | Lead photo from Instagram

You can understand the degree of a person’s fame by the way certain ordinary facts about them are treated. Posting pictures of a sibling that shared some of their qualities, for instance, is treated like breaking news.  When Zac Efron shared these pictures of him and his brotherthereby letting the world know that he has, well, a brother who (naturally) looked like himthe internet went into a frenzy.

A few things about Dylan Efron: He graduated with an economics degree from the California Polytechnic State University, he writes poetry (he even wrote a poem about Zac), he’s worked in the film industry, and he’s always spent a lot of his time outdoors. It’s an interestingly diverse way to live your life, trying your hand in seemingly disparate fields that can help you realize and develop your multi-faceted nature, become a well-rounded person, and in Dylan’s casesmart and chiseled and the subject of attention of pretty much anyone who’s ever heard of the name Zac Efron.

Living an Active Life

The range of athletic activities he engages in proves his commitment to living an active lifestyle. He runs, plays volleyball, and goes on creek dives.

Sunday long run in the trails of SLO. Thanks for setting the pace 📸Dad Efron

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Manhattan Beach winter

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Creekside getaway

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Week one of #bostonmarathon altitude camp ✔️

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A Serious Athlete

Completing a triathlon is a true test of great athleticism and endurance. In 2016, he finished his first Ironman in Wisconsin.


Clocking in at 11:42:48. he placed 12th. Here’s a video posted by Zac Efron on his Instagram: