Without the right techniques, you won’t become the efficient runner you’re aiming for 

By Ige Lopez | Photo by Jascha Huisman/Unsplash
1. Do not overstride

This is a common mistake among beginners and even intermediate runners. Having a fast turnover rate may help eliminate overstriding, avoid heel landing, and lessen the probability of pulled hamstrings.

2. Run tall

Always remember to keep your whole body upright. Imagine a string pulling you up above your head, similar to a puppet. Avoid leaning too forward or too backward to avoid strains on your lower back.

3. Work on your core

Having a solid core and gluteal (butt) muscles can surely help you to run tall. Doing core strengthening exercises once to twice a week together with your running/multisport training is always a perfect combo.

4. Relax

Running should always be in a relaxed manner. Always keep shoulders relaxed and not tensed. Keep your face calm and avoid clenching your jaw. Cupping your hands and not clenching them(to form fists) can help as well.

5. Control your breathing

Whether you’re warming up, cooling down, or doing your main set, proper breathing helps you remain calm. Inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth is a good way to control your breathing. Practicing proper breathing as paces change during a run will enable you control it throughout your race or training run.

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