New Balance 890 V4

“The 890 V4 is perfect for tempo runs and long Sunday runs. The shoe fits me perfectly. It has plenty of room up front and the upper part stretches enough to allow my toes to move around. The seamless upper fits like a glove, hugging your feet the longer you use it. And despite the level of cushioning, it’s still very lightweight,” Mark Gorriceta, Team Gotta

S-Works Road Cycling Shoes

“Unlike most cycling shoes that tend to be on the flexible side, the S-Works Road Cycling Shoes have soles that are a bit more stiff, which I prefer because this equates to better power transfer as you pedal. It is ideal for road cycling races and for long epic rides. The best thing about it? Aside from its angas look, which is sure to fire you up for the ride, the shoes’ boa laces ensure the best fit all the time,” Ige Lopez, Team Fitness First

Bont Sub 8

“The Bont Sub 8 is powerful. The shoe is extremely stiff, so once you clip into the pedal there is absolutely no give in the sole, making the crank, pedal, and shoe one efficient working unit. No effort is lost in the process. The comfort and fit are excellent because they’re molded to your feet and are fully heat-moldable, preventing stretching and loosening in the tropical weather,” Mayi Maligaya, Team Fuego Filipinas

Saucony Type A6

“Being a racing flat, the Saucony A6 is very light, breathable, and snug. It breaks in really easily; in fact, I ran with it right out of the box and I didn’t have any issues at all. I prefer using it for faster run workouts and races, whether they’re sprints, standard tris, or Ironmans because these shoes fly!” Omar Paredes, Team Herbalife

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