If my child can, so can you

By Cecille Hufana

“Mommy, can I have a Pomeranian? “ asked my-nine-year-old son Bubba.

“What? Another pet? Ask Papa for one please,” I responded.

Another pet is like having another child. Well, sort of, based on my experience in a household with a Labrador, a Persian cat, dozens of Koi fishes, some smelly hamsters, and an iguana that just left us for reptile heaven.

So Bubba asked my husband for a pet dog. He repeatedly begged for weeks. Believing that our children should learn to earn things even at a young age, he replied, “if you finish a triathlon, I will buy you a Pomeranian.” No matter how much I protested both the dog and the race, my husband registered our son for Anvaya Cove’s Invitational Triathlon 2014.

Of course, we registered our little one because he has swims, rides a road bike more confidently than me, but runs… well, runs at the park like any boy his age. Bubba also had his first aquathlon in the same Anvaya race two years ago, so he’s very familiar with what goes on during the race.

So, after a few weeks of training under my husband and I (swimming 800 meters to a kilometer once or twice a week, some one-hour morning rides in Nuvali, and a swim session with coach Kaye Lopez), Bubba was ready for his first 200-meter swim, 2-kilometer bike, and 1-kilometer run.

On October 18, 2014, together with 15 other boys and girls, Bubba raced his first triathlon. And here’s how he did it:


With Rick Reyes of the Triathlon Association of the Philippines giving the children some last minute race reminders


There goes the nine- to 10-year-old swim wave



Bubba completing his first open water swim


Feeling relaxed on the bike


He said it was tough and very tiring, but he never wanted to give up


And he did it!


Bubba is now officially a triathlete. What’s your excuse?


We have yet to discuss the dog issue