Because triathletes can be thrifty too

By RV Merano

I recently stumbled upon some blogs that discuss what rich people do with their money.  As I read through the articles, I realized that successful people tend to find ways to help them either save money or invest their savings in something worthwhile rather than splurge on a whim. I was inspired to write about what I can do (or have already been doing) to save money as a triathlete and here’s what I came up with.


Most of our weekend training sessions are held in Nuvali, sometimes in Subic. On top of that, most races are held outside Manila. I live in Makati and a good way to save some dough is carpooling with fellow triathletes. We get to share costs of gas and toll and we don’t get bored driving because we have each other to share our stories or even pre-race jitters with.

Choose Your Races

I know how fulfilling and exciting it is to participate in a lot of races but we all know how expensive registrations can be. It is more practical to join a few races and have ample time to prepare for each one rather than signing up for a race every month or weekend. I would rather perform well in a few races than tick off all races in the calendar. Aside from the savings, this will allow my mind and body to recover and in the long run will not end up sacrificing my health from constant exhaustion.

Bring that Lunch Box

After training, we usually spend time with our training group or teammates over a meal to replace the calories we burned. Why not bring snacks or a packed meal instead of buying food each time you eat out after training? Aside from the benefit of eating a healthy home-cooked meal, you get to save a few hundred pesos each week that you can use for something else.

Spend on High Quality Gear

It’s better to spend one-time-big-time on a good gear than buy cheap ones you’ll probably replace every time it breaks down. In addition, don’t be afraid to buy secondhand, high-quality gear. Just make sure the items are in good condition before buying them from the previous owner.

Hire a Coach

It’s normal to be intimidated by the added cost of a triathlon coach. But the thing is, when you have a coach, you have a well-planned program that allows you to reach your maximum potential and recover to come back stronger. Not having a coach wastes your time on training that isn’t specific to your needs. You might even end up getting sick, losing time to train and spending money instead on medicine.