Staying on top of your diet while on vacation is doable

By Ava Africa | Photo by Louise Burton/Unsplash

Your health is an important aspect of your life. However, our fast-paced lifestyle often requires us to squeeze in a memorable vacation into a long (or short) weekend. As a result, we end up throwing our healthy eating habits out the window. Most of us plan our itineraries well but we often overlook planning meals that allow us to stick to our weight-loss goals. The great news is that supermarkets now have sections that supply pre-packaged fruits and vegetables. Here are some suggested meals to help you stay on track on your next weekend getaway:


Option 1

One medium-sized pomelo, a bowl of Romaine lettuce, two boiled eggs, and ½ cup rice

Option 2

One medium-sized melon, a bowl of mixed vegetables, one fist-sized beef steak, and  ½ cup rice


Option 1

One medium-sized apple, one bowl of carrots, whole steamed fish, and ½ cup rice

Option 2

One medium-sized kiwi, a bowl of vegetable salad, boiled egg, omelette, and  ½ cup rice


Option 1

One medium-sized orange, a bowl of mixed greens, one fist-sized grilled chicken breast, and ½ cup rice

Option 2

One medium-sized apple, a bowl of string beans with pumpkin, one fist-sized roasted chicken, and ½ cup rice

Then, again, if this is still too challenging for you, consider subscribing to healthy prepackaged meals you can bring with you. You may also want to shop for protein bars or protein shakes, which you can snack on should you get hungry during a tour or in between meals. Keep it simple. Keep it fun. Include healthy meal stops when planning your itinerary and you’ll make your trip a wholesome experience inside and out.

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