Three time management tips for busy active moms

By Kaye Lopez | Photo by Dakota Corbin/Unsplash

No, I’m not yet a mother, but I’m blessed to have a handful of fit and healthy moms as students.

Each has her own reason for choosing to lead an active lifestyle but each also has one thing in common. They’ve realized that in order to be the best version of themselves, they have to put themselves, especially their health, first. Although it’s not easy to squeeze in exercise between family, work, and other social commitments, it’s not impossible if there’s a willingness to make time instead of leaving it up to chance. Here are tips to help active moms sort through busy schedules and set aside time to work out.

First things first

If you start your day with an early morning workout, you’ll have a better shot at getting your exercise done before life gets in the way. This requires you to wake up extra early so get your family’s support by setting an earlier lights-out policy and tuck everyone into bed earlier so you don’t have to skimp on sleep. Prepare your workout gear the night before and set them somewhere within sight the moment you open your eyes so you’re less likely to press the snooze button.

Post-work workout

For working moms coming from a stressful day, there’s nothing quite like a stress-releasing yoga class to ease all that tension. Many studios cater specifically to the needs of the office crowd and hold classes after hours. Most are located in or within the vicinity of office buildings, making it even more convenient to go straight to yoga practice after work. There are also studios with schedules for full-time moms who have more time after sending their kids off to school and husband to work. Whatever your schedule is like, you’ll be sure to find one that works best for you.

Hit two birds with one stone

Turn some of your sweat sessions into opportunities for bonding with loved ones. Get your family in on your active lifestyle by encouraging them to spend quality time outdoors. Aside from bringing them to races as your personal support crew or cheering squad, why not let them join the fun by racing together as a family relay team? While on your long run, have your kid pace you on the kiddie bike or ask him to be your designated mobile water station. These days, you can even take your baby for a run on a stroller. 

I’m no expert, but I’m a firm believer that if there’s a will, there’s a way. And if staying fit will help you become a better mother and role model for your children, then it’s a win-win situation for everyone. So go ahead, make time for yourself by working out. Your family and sanity will thank you for it.

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