The easy and effective ways to bust out of a workout rut

By Ava Africa | Photo by Roya Ann Miller/Unsplash

We all know how to stay healthy: eat properly and exercise regularly. You can’t choose one over the other. But sometimes, despite all the motivation, you’ll feel as though you’ve done everything you can to stay consistent with your workout to the point that it has gotten boring. Don’t fret. For every challenge, there is a corresponding solution. Here are some tips on how to keep moving forward with your fitness goals:

Level up Your Target

They say that humans are never satisfied. This is also true for exercise routines, which is why it might be a good idea to break off from your usual workout once in a while. Like chewing gum, the taste goes stale after some time. Similarly, the training effect of exercise eventually levels off unless you do something about it. For people pressed for time, you may want to change things up. Add weight, change your route, get involved in a new sport, or change the time of day when you exercise.

Schedule Workouts with Friends

They say success in anything is simple. All you need to do is surround yourself with people who have a greater drive than you and you will eventually get to where they are. Whether or not you’re a natural, work out with friends. This will force you to become accountable to people who are important to you. On top of this, exercising with friends is much more fun than going at it alone.

Reward Yourself

According to one of the most famous experts on human behavior, we are more motivated by rewards rather than by punishment. Create milestones for yourself every week and every month.  Whenever you accomplish a particular target, (achieving your ideal waistline, muscle or body fat percentage or a new PR), reward yourself with something you enjoy for a job well done. If a sumptuous meal or dessert is your reward of choice, remember to enjoy in moderation, so you don’t end up moving one step forward and two steps back with your progress.

Remember, the key here is to keep training your mind to be excited every time you think of exercise. Stay focused on this mindset and you’ll stay on course for the rest of your life.