Scroll down for the best apps to train with

Photo by Rami Al-zayat/Unsplash

For any sort of difficulty, there’s always an app for that. Here are some apps triathletes should download on their smartphones to better manage  their training right in the palm of their hands.


Strava: An all-around GPS navigator and activity tracker


This fitness app essentially turns any modern smartphone into a highly capable bike or run computer. It has long been able to track speed, distance, and location data through GPS but its most recent update also allows it to be paired with ANT+ (requires an external key accessory for the phone) or Bluetooth Smart sensors, thereby also tracking heart rate, cadence, and power data. The app has also been redesigned with better integration between its mapping and navigation functions and its live ride metrics. Strava also claims they’ve optimized the app to minimize cellular data usage and maximize battery life but pack a small power bank nonetheless especially during long distance runs or rides.

Similar Apps: Cyclemeter, MapMyRide, Endomondo


Swim Radar: For finding nearby swimming pools


Triathletes travel a lot to race and train and although swimming pools are everywhere in the Philippines, only few are designed and are suitable for practice laps. Swim Radar can locate swimming pools around the user’s current location or around an indicated address. You can set search parameters for size, distance from locations, type (indoor or outdoor), and accessibility (private or public). It will then present several results complete with contact information and navigation route.

Similar Apps: Speedo Fit–Swim Fitness, Swimmers Guide (website)


Training Peaks: Personal training coach on the go


There are several website and apps for tracking, logging, and analyzing an endurance athlete’s performance data but none does it quite as professionally as Training Peaks. It even has separate editions of its services: one for athletes and another dedicated for coaches. Through its mobile app, an athlete can conveniently access their training program anywhere and instantly upload data, which coaches remotely can keep track of.

Similar Apps: SportTracks, Garmin Connect


My Fitness Pal: Your online calorie counter



Weight control through proper diet is just as important as physical training for improving and maintaining competitive performance. This app provides access to a highly extensive food database and allows the user to log their food consumption and exercise activities. They could then control their eating and exercise habits to accurately balance their calorie count to optimum levels.

Similar Apps: Lose It!, Calorie Counter, and Diet Tracker


Road ID: A must have personal safety app


Anyone who bikes and trains on open roads should always have contingency measures for any emergency. This app allows the user to customize their phone’s lock screen to show personal details, emergency contacts, and medical information for the benefit of emergency responders without needing to unlock the phone. It is still advised however to have a physical road ID because phones obviously could break or run out of batteries.

The app also has the eCrumb feature, which allows users to have select people track and see their location online in real time to give themselves peace of mind. This also has the optional “Stationary Alert” function that sends a notification to a selected contact when the user stops moving for more than five minutes.

Similar Apps: Garmin Connect (Live Track), Map My Tracks

These apps make training more convenient but will also count for nothing without the athlete’s personal determination to grow and improve. With or without these apps, just go out and train. Make no excuses.