Businessman and triathlete John Pages powers through his grueling environments with Globe’s unmatched connectivity

People think true winners are those who come in first, but anyone who’s overcome their physical limitations to cross the finish line knows they’ve won. Nobody knows this more than businessman John Owen Z. Pages, Vice President of Pages Holdings, Inc. (Thirsty Juices and Shakes, Mooon Café, and more) and he is right at home in the world of triathlon. Aside from helping manage an empire, he finds enough time to train and race, having finished in the recent Ironman 70.3 Philippines.

“I have been a lifelong fitness buff,” says Pages, when asked why he decided to take on triathlon. “I have engaged in sports almost daily since I was a child. Also, because I run and bike regularly, it was a natural extension and challenge to try the tri-sport phenomenon. For us Cebuanos, there was extra incentive because the Ironman 70.3 event is right here. You no longer need to travel far and you can train in the very waters and route of the actual race.”

It’s today’s technological marvels that power him and keep him on top of his game, whether he has to engage in sports or business. “Always-on internet is very important in today’s business world,” Pages explains the convenience of myLifestyle plan, which is customized according to his needs, “We are not in the office all the time. Access to information, especially e-mail, is essential. I am connected to my staff and associates all the time.”


The extensive services offered by Globe allow John Pages to be in sync with both his business and training

When it comes to his running routines, Pages makes sure he has a lively background: “I am a big fan of Spotify; music is a great motivator and it takes away the monotony of running alone. Also, whenever I bike, I bring along my phone. Google Maps is also very helpful. When we do 90K bike rides, it helps us plot our route and monitor where we are.” The extensive services offered by Globe allow him to be in sync with both his business and training. “All of our family and top company officials are with Globe — so it is easier (and less expensive) to communicate.”