How to keep fit even when the weather’s not cooperating

By Mon Garcia | Photo by Alora Griffiths/Unsplash

Weather in Manila has always been unpredictable, with showers suddenly coming out of nowhere.

Triathlon coach Kaye Lopez told me that the Philippines is becoming like London (with multiple rains and showers occurring in a day), only hotter. I’ve never been to London, but I do know that for most of us, funny weather gets in the way of planning workouts, and sometimes even in keeping fit. Here’s a list of what do do when the weather isn’t cooperating:


Insert a workout

I advocate getting this done first thing in the morning, if possible before breakfast. If you think the weather is going to interfere with your workout, prepare a backup. That is, ask yourself, “What’s the least I can do to maintain (or improve) my level of fitness?” The most important thing is, regardless of your choice, you should get it done before breakfast. This will get your blood flowing and up your metabolism for the day.


Incorporate a stretch routine

Along with decreased physical activity comes the loss of muscle flexibility and mobility. Bad weather actually forces you to stay in and stretch your muscles to maintain loose muscles.


Watch what you eat

Cold weather oftentimes leads to too much relaxing even in our diets. Feeling that there’s “nothing to do and nowhere to go” can sometimes default into eating a lot. The weather is perfect for having something warm like soup or perhaps something spicy, but watch your calories and how much you’re consuming.


Watch what you drink

Two words: hot chocolate. Staying in while it’s raining seems to be the perfect time for having some, but watch the volume and amount of calories you’re ingesting. Tea is a better alternative


Keep warm

Making sure to keep warm while it rains will keep your core temperature up as well as your awareness and motivation to do the aforementioned tips. Dress appropriately so you’re not as affected by the weather affecting your mood and ability to keep fit. As athletes, we like to think our bodies can adapt more than the average person, but we forget how something as simple as the weather can affect our performance and motivation. Keep warm to keep fit. Or, cuddle up with someone. I heard that burns up a good amount of calories as well.

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