Letting it all hang out at one of the hottest runs in the country

By Rikki Suarez

Temperatures are rising not only because summer has officially arrived but also because of the anticipation of the Century Tuna Superbods Underpants Run.

The driveway in front of Subic Bay Yacht Club served as the staging area of this unique event that once again titillated unsuspecting pedestrians and commuters along the Free Port Zone.

This year’s edition featured 18 Century Tuna Superbod contestants stripped to their bare essentials and flaunting their drool-worthy bodies throughout the 3K run course. The Kona Underpants Run, a fundraiser held before the Ironman World Championship, which started as a protest against the improper demeanor of participants wearing Speedos even in restaurants and stores, was the inspiration for this event.


Professional triathletes were chatting with each other while age group participants joining next day’s Century Tuna Ironman 70.3 gathered in teams as they exchanged animated banter and nervous laughter. The gun start at 9:30 am loomed over like an approaching thunderstorm with everyone mustering as much courage and self-confidence as they could.

Several minutes from gun start, participants were instructed to get ready. What happened next was a barrage of flashes (from cameras of course) as groups posed for enthusiastic media photographers and phone snappers. Skimpy bikinis, bra tops, boxers, and briefs, become the de rigueur for this rare event that only happens once a year.

Adding spice to some “outfits” were headdresses and tutus.  I saw two male participants wearing diapers. One was Edward Daniel Elises, who was a grown man pretending to be a toddler while the other was a young boy, who obviously looked less disturbing than his adult counterpart.



While everybody was busy posing for cameras, taking selfies and groufies, and making last minute checks if everything that needs to be covered stays properly covered, I saw a captivating mother-and-child pair. The mother was dressed in bra top and tight shorts with hearts and flowers drawn on her very pregnant belly! The kid holding on to her, whom I surmise is her son, looked quite dapper in his striped knee-high socks and diapers.


Everybody gathered at the start/finish arc and nobody wanted to stay hidden at the back, even as the camera-yielding group positioned right in front to get the best vantage point. The gun start was delayed and the need to take much better shots escalated with each minute of delay. Even the coverage van of one major local network station maneuvered right in front in order to catch the front view action. Only at the very moment when the participants started to run was the road clear of photographers. But then again, the view from the back was almost as good as the front. And so the snapping continued.




This is one rare occasion when exhibitionism and voyeurism is encouraged for a good cause. The Century Tuna Superbods Underpants Run hopes to raise over $2,000 to support a chosen beneficiary. Random judges choose two international (male and female) and two local (male and female) winners among the event participants based on their physical attributes. They chose Oscar Pooth and Radka Vodickova for the internationals and Joe Miller and Monica Torres for the locals. Each winner was given $500 cash reward.


Almost everybody, including the Superbods contestants, sprinted to the finish line with all their majestic gorgeousness. As the event came to a close and the crew started packing up and got ready to leave the finish area, the mother-and-son tandem was just approaching the finish line. Both finished the 3K distance even when at certain points the “preggy” mommy needed to carry her diaper-clad son. What show of motherly strength and willpower.