Just when you think there’s little else to think about when it comes to water, a trendy take on the purest and most basic drink comes along

By Pau Miranda

We all know water’s good for us—our body’s made of up to 60 percent of it, after all—so is it really possible to have water that’s even better? Proponents of the alkaline water movement say yes. Alkaline water has already been making rounds since the 2000s, and it is touted as the easiest and most effective “miracle drink,” solving and preventing many health issues modern man is faced with.

Much ado about water

So what does that mean for our health? Alkaline water advocates claim that our diet, which is heavy on acid-forming foods like meat, sugar, starch, dairy, and even coffee, leaves us prone to chronic low-grade acidosis and reflux. The alkalinity of alkaline water counteracts the acid, thus helping keep our body’s pH in balance.

Alkaline water also boasts of a few other benefits:

  1. It is rich in minerals like calcium, potassium, and magnesium that are picked up by water as it runs over rocks in springs, thus naturally bringing up its pH level.
  2. It is easily accessible with a myriad brands available on the market. Local brand Nature’s Spring, for example, also offers an alkaline variety to its product line. (In case you’re curious, Nature’s Spring’s alkaline water—labelled in red—has a pH level of 9.) Some home and health food store chains also carry water ionizers as part of their retail inventory, making it easy to have your very own alkaline water source at home.
  3. Regular consumption of alkaline water is believed to help prevent diseases, get rid of toxins, and absorb nutrients better.
  4. The alkaline content allows more fluid to be retained in the body, keeping one hydrated for longer. This is perfect for athletes who are engaged in more intense physical activities.
Making the switch

Although there’s no serious problem with drinking alkaline water, health professionals ask that one be wary about the claims made for it. Most of the evidence being presented on the effectivity of alkaline water is anecdotal, and the scientific research is yet to be conclusive in proving alkaline water as a treat-all solution.

Consciously reducing the body’s acid levels also appears to be unnecessary. The body already naturally balances its pH levels, thanks to its alkaline mineral reserves and its own internal system. Acidity isn’t necessarily a bad thing, given that each organ system has its own unique pH level to keep.

If you do decide to trade your drink of choice to alkaline water, make sure you check its content. More than its high pH level, alkaline water is beneficial for the minerals it contains. It is also important that you know your body’s condition and how alkaline water will affect it before you commit to an alkaline diet. Once everything is checked out, feel free to go ahead, grab a glass, and drink.

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