Four tips for you to love summer workouts

By Ea Francisco | Photo by Filios Sazeides/Unsplash

Some people say vacation season, some people say workout season. Research says you burn more calories in summer. However, it should be noted that in this type of weather, your body needs to adjust to the increased temperature. Doing intense training would feel much more difficult than doing it last December. You might even get discouraged with the heat, but here’s what we recommend to make summer workouts a little more bearable.

Consider the Humidity

Humid weather affects you more than dry weather because the moisture in the air makes evaporating sweat less efficient. In days where it’s particularly hot and humid, you can do cooler cardio workouts like swimming or biking.

Wear Cool Clothes

Consider the kind of clothes that you wear. Tight, heavy, or dark clothes can make you uncomfortable and add to the already intense heat. However, don’t rely too much on clothing, especially if you have sensitive skin. Wear sunscreen when you exercise outside to prevent skin problems and rashes.

Choose the Right Time

If you’re looking to exercise outside, there are certain times of the day when the sun isn’t as hot. Early morning and early evening are when the sun is least intense. The height of the sun’s heat is usually around 12 to 1pm.

Recognize Heat Stress

If you start to get dizzy or your vision gets blurry, it’s a sign that you should cool down and hydrate. If at any time your skin feels cold and clammy or you stop sweating, you may be in heat distress. Cool down immediately with cold towels and air conditioning, if possible. Doing any sort of workout when you’re clearly unwell can cause you to sit it out for the next few days.

Whatever it is you’re planning to do this summer, the weather will surely affect your activities. Whether you’re just going to hang out at the beach or jog at the park, consider these reminders. Nobody likes doing things in warm weather, but there are things you can do to make it better.