The complete guide to getting fit minus the usual boring exercises

By Monique Avila | Lead photo by MARK ADRIANE/Unsplash

Regular exercise, along with a proper diet, is the key to a healthy lifestyle. But exercising regularly doesn’t mean that it has to be boring. Spice up your program by trying new workouts every now and then. Fitness enthusiasts seem to agree—more and more groups are coming up with new and interesting ways to replicate the burn you get from the treadmill. Here are some unique gyms around the metro.


Boutique Boxing

Flyweight is a boutique boxing gym that offers group classes, so friends can learn the sport together to the beat of heart-thumping music. Interested flyweights can choose classes depending on their skill (Contender, Challenger, and Champion), with programs ranging from low-impact active recovery exercises to isometrics and plyometrics.


Bar Hopping

Calibarzz is mainly an outdoor calisthenics gym (although they also have an indoor Barzz setup for when it rains) filled with bars on bars on bars of workout goodness. Basically a playground for big kids, Calibarzz lets you literally swing from one set of bars to another, testing your bodyweight strength. Workouts are circuit-type, with each round designed to set you up for moving across the various set-ups. If calisthenics is not your thing, Calibarzz also offers boxing training and a skate ramp for half-pipe enthusiasts.


Jump for Joy

In these multitasking times, trampolines aren’t just for random jumping around anymore. Trampoline Park, the country’s first trampoline warehouse, offers Gravity Fitness, a one hour high-intensity, low-impact class that helps participants burn fat while having fun. Another option is the Aerodance class, which offers a one-hour Zumba dance lesson modified for the trampoline setup. For those who want that extra bounce, there’s Gravity Rope, which involves jumping on trampolines while jumping rope.


Move Like a Ninja

Despite its name, Ninja Academy doesn’t really teach its students the art of the Japanese mercenary. It’s mainly an indoor parkour gym, which offers a variety of classes that encourage participants to use their whole body to attain physical strength. Programs include circuit training, an obstacle course challenge and archery games.


Everywhere Fitness

Out of the gyms on this list, Fitness Mobil is the easiest one to access. This personalized fitness coaching service can offer the gym experience straight to your own home. The group behind this program is composed of fitness experts who specialize in programs that cater to general fitness, fat loss, strengthening, and athletic training. Their packages will also include equipment along with your personal trainer, which means you don’t even have to buy stuff that adds clutter to your space.