A four-stage diet that won’t tell you how much to eat

By Ea Francisco | Photo by Sambazon/Unsplash

Celebrity weight loss diets are hard to follow, but that’s not stopping anyone from trying. Now, let’s look at a diet said to be followed by the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Kate Middleton. It’s called the Dukan Diet and it was created by French doctor Pierre Dukan. It consists of four parts that are said to be sustainable in the long run.

Attack phase

The first part starts by making you eat more high protein food. This means more eggs, lean meats, seafoods, and dairy products. Rapid weight loss is the goal of this phase, and it should last from a day to a week depending on the amount of weight you want to lose.

Cruise phase

In this phase, you should alternate the proteins you were eating with vegetables. The Dukan suggests switching between the Attack phase and the Cruise phase to burn more calories. It doesn’t require any certain amounts as long as you stick to natural proteins and vegetables. The purpose of this stage is to achieve your ideal weight so you can keep doing this until you reach your desired weight.

Consolidation phase

In this stage, you gradually reintroduce carbs and fruits into your diet. You maintain the protein and vegetables from the previous stages, but now you can add around one or two slices of bread, fruits, and cheese. Also, you’re allowed to have one to two ‘celebration’ meals,’ which is basically anything you want with no restrictions. From previous knowledge, you’ll know that not having enough carbs makes you vulnerable to regaining the lost weight. This phase addresses that because it helps maintain your carbs and blood sugar level.

Permanent stabilization phase

This stage applies everything you learned from the Consolidation phase. You have the freedom to eat as much as you want but once a week, you have to go back to the Attack phase.

It should be noted however that this diet requires you to exercise at every stage and consume fresh or healthy ingredients. Dukan says you should consult with your doctor before engaging in this kind of diet. Weight loss is a long process that requires a serious change in lifestyle. Different diets work for different people, so you may not receive the same results as some celebrities.

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