A #DaleyRoutine workout series that’ll show results

By Ea Francisco

Need motivation? How about taking advice from Olympian Tom Daley?

If you ever need a workout video, Daley’s #DaleyRoutine series can provide you with just that. For those who don’t know him, Daley is a British diver who first competed at the 2008 Beijing Olympics at the age of 14. Since then, he has bagged two Olympic bronze medals and numerous others in various international competitions.

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In his latest video, he shares an easy workout that can be done anywhere—no equipment needed, save for a stopwatch or your smartphone. Toe taps, split squats, and Spider-man press-ups for 20 minutes are easier when there’s Daley demonstrating it all in his shirtless glory.

On top of that, Daley, who was recently married to screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, is set to host this year’s Attitude Awards, an event that acknowledges the notable individuals in the LGBT+ community.

“I know just how good it feels to be acknowledged by your peers and within the wider LGBT+ community,” he says in an interview with Attitude. “It’s not so much validation as celebration, and so I was keen to be part of that process and part of an event that has such a profile, does so much good, and sends such a powerful message. I can’t wait!”

Daley is always actively talking about fitness and healthy eating, and his channel is ideal for anyone looking for a lifestyle change.