The basic necessities you can find in any transition area

By Ea Francisco

A race consisting of three sports is going to need a lot of stuff. If you’re new to triathlon, you want to be extra prepared for your race. Don’t go too over the top with the stuff you bring though. They could just crowd your transition area and make it harder to shave off seconds. Take a look at these essential transition tools to know what you need.


When trying to set up your transition area, it’s best to take up as less space as possible. What some people do is lay out their towel to determine the space for their area. You can fold it in half and place it in the immediate space beside your bike where you can put all your stuff there. It can also be for drying yourself if you have time for it.

Cycling shoes

Obviously one of the most important things is not to forget your shoes. The first transition area is the one between the swim and the bike, so make sure you have them out already. If you’re planning to do triathlon seriously, you can invest in getting cycling shoes with cleats. It might take some time learning how to effectively clip in and out, but it can make your pedaling smoother when you master it. It’s best to pick shoes with speed laces, so you won’t spend time tying.


This is one of the most important things you should have. Have them on your bike or on the ground in the direction you’re going to wear them. Since it’s one of the most essential, it’s recommended that you wear it first because all your other accessories can easily be worn on the go anyway. Make sure your helmet is adjusted properly beforehand to avoid wasting time fixing it.


They’re not just for aesthetic purposes. Sunglasses keep dirt and dust away as well as protect the eyes from UV rays. Not only is it distracting, but prolonged exposure to intense UV rays can cause keratitis and other eye ailments.

Water and Nutrition

Attach everything you’re going to bring on your bike before you start your race. Also if you’re going to set up extras in your transition area, they should be placed in the back, away from your shoes. The rule is to put the most important items in front of you first, so your other items won’t get in the way when you wear your gear.

Hat or Visor

This is relatively optional, but a lot of people bring it anyway. If you can’t stand running under the heat, don’t forget to have a hat in your T2 area. For headwear, always place them upside down on the ground so that you can wear them faster without excess movement. It helps block out the sun’s rays too in case you don’t bring sunglasses.


Since you’ll be under the sun for most of the time, sunscreen is something you should consider having in your transition area. Retouch your sunscreen before a ride or run, so you won’t be exposed to skin diseases. Look for spray sunscreens for quick application. If you feel that you won’t need it though, you can opt not to have it.

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