How much does it really cost to compete in the full distance race?

By Ea Francisco | Illustrations by Lara Intong

As we’re finally hosting an Ironman, thousands are getting ready to race the 140.6-mile triathlon in Subic. This race is not for the faint of heart. Aside from months of training and preparation, it also takes a toll on your finances. To give you an idea, here’s a breakdown of a regular participant’s expenses for the race.


Wetsuits are commonly used in cold climates but in this case, swimskins and skinsuits are alternatives for warmer countries.

  •      Tri Suit – P3,000 – P10,000
  •      Swimskin/Skinsuit – P7,800 – P15,000
  •      Cap – Provided. These are color coded to differentiate the pros, age groupers, females, and those with special needs
  •      Goggles – P700 – P2,500
  •      Antifog Spray – P300 – P500
  •      Sunscreen – P500 – P1,500
  •      Timing Chip – Provided
Total: P12,300 – P29,500

Costs for bike gear vary because you can choose to use normal equipment or those specially made for triathlon. Aero helmets and tri bikes are a lot more expensive because of the aerodynamic advantage, but you can choose to use regular road bikes and helmets. Tri shoes are also more costly but can be worn easily and has ventilation.

  •      Sunglasses – P2,000 – P15,000
  •      Helmet -P3,000 -P18,000
  •      Bike Shoes – P4,000 – P15,000
  •      Race Belt – P200 – P1,000
  •      Water Bottle/Hydration Systems – P500 – P4,500
  •      Bike – P30,000 – P450,000
  •      Storage Box/Bag – P500-P3,500
  •      Repair Equipment (consists of tyre levers, inner tubes, at least two CO2 canisters with valve/mini pump) – P500-P2,000
  •      Nutrition (energy gel or bar/salt sticks/electrolyte drinks) – P500 – P1,000
Total: P41,200 – P510,000

  •      Race Shoes – P4,000 – P8,000
  •      Hydration Belt – P1,000 – P3,000
  •      Cap/Visor – P300 – P1,000
  •      Easylaces/Quick Laces (No-tie laces) -P400 – P800
Total: P5,700 – P12,800

Registration fees vary if you’re a professional or a regular participant. For regulars and age groupers, it’s $702 or roughly P36,000. Adding that up with the costs above, the total can range from P95,200 to P588,300.

Without counting all the other fees like transportation and the amount you spent during your training, it still adds up to a hefty price, especially if you’re going to get the gear specifically made for triathlon.

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