Phrases every triathlete has said at least once in their sporting life

By Ea Francisco

With every sport, comes its own jargon that anyone outside it would probably not understand. Triathlon is no different. If you have any tri friends or if you’re a triathlete yourself, then you’ve probably said these phrases at some point in your life.

1. Do I want to wake up at 4am to train today? No. Do I do it anyway? Definitely

2. The sun is shining, my tan lines are darkening, but it was a good ride/run anyway

3. Morning rides are the best rides

4. It’s my off-season

5. It’s my recovery day

6. I’m trying to work on my core

7. I should work on my climb

8. Are those wheels carbon?

9. How light is that bike, though?

10. Is that aero?

11. Don’t you just love that new bike smell, and the old bike smell, or just all the bikes really?

12. Did I almost get run over while biking in the street again? Yes, yes I did.

13. To wear or not to wear compression socks today

14. I’m training for the next Ironman

15. I’ll bring my bike for a tune-up one last time

16. I’m probably going to Nuvali to bike this weekend

17. Biking in Subic sounds really nice right about now

18. I’m going to bike through the race route one more time

19. When you want to eat what you want, but you also got a race weight to follow

20. It’s a few weeks before the race, can I eat this?

21. (If you didn’t already know how to swim) I’m probably going to drown in the open water

22. Okay just one more lap in the pool

23. Today feels like a good day for a swim

24. Did I forget anything in the transition station?

25. Did I bring enough gels for refueling later?

26. I think I’ve reached my limit, but

27. I’m probably too tired to run that last kilometer, but I’m pushing it anyway

28. That race was a great race, the best I’ve done. Now when’s the next one?