Simple ways to make healthy eating work for you

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Cooking is key to successfully embracing healthy eating. It can be a little tough at first but thankfully, there are things you can do to take you into the right direction. Here are a few tricks you can do to make sure you eat better.


1. Eat Greens Chilled

Crisp vegetables seem bigger and take up more space, but vegetables that are chilled appear smaller. With this, you can fit more greens on your plate. You don’t have to worry about too much calories since vegetables have naturally low calories.


2. Tenderize Meat with Papaya

When you need to tenderize meat, you would usually use a pressure cooker, but cooking in high temperatures for a long period of time can cause food to lose their nutrients. One thing you can do is use raw papaya to tenderize it. Papaya contains an enzyme called papain that breaks down protein. All you need to do is peel the skin off a green papaya, mix in some seasoning, and grind it together. It’ll create a sort of paste that you put on your meat when you need to cook it. Depending on the meat and cut, it’ll activate in around 30 minutes to two hours.

3. Get Smaller Plates

One way you can practice portion control is to use smaller plates. According to Food Psychology, there’s a tendency to overeat with a larger plate because it makes your food appear smaller. The white spaces would make you believe that you’re eating less when the portion doesn’t really change. Smaller plates lessen the chances of leftovers because you wouldn’t feel the need to compensate for the space.


4. Measure with Your Hand

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Get your custom plan today! Lose, gain or maintain weight! Link in bio📲 – Portion control: A means of controlling the amount of food you eat in order to reduce the total calories consumed. Portion control is an effective means of creating a calorie deficit further assisting in putting you on route to your fat loss goals. Some food is more nutrient dense than others and the slightest visual reduction can actually mean a huge caloric reduction! Take avocado 🥑 for example – triple the portion and add a few crumbs of feta and you can double the caloric intake! Portions are deceiving and can often be the reason as to why someone may stall or gain weight even though they think they’re doing all the right things! ✅ Here’s 4 tips for controlling your portions 1️⃣ You can use kitchen scales or other measuring tools 2️⃣ Buy pre portioned food 3️⃣ With calorie dense foods like nut butters or ice cream always do a thin layer or small scoops rather than layer upon layer and piles. 4️⃣ Don’t add unnecessary calories on a dense food I.e the little crumbs of feta in the right image while only small increases the calorie density. – Credit- @equalution #portioncontrol #avocadotoast #avocados

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Portion control and the right ratio of food groups is an essential part of dieting, but it’s easy to get it wrong. Just proportioning it by visuals can mislead you into putting more than you need. Aside from changing plates, you can roughly estimate the portions you need by using your hands. According to Livestrong, you can use the palm of your hand to measure your protein, your fist to measure vegetables, your cupped hand to measure carbs, and your thumb to measure fat. This is a suggested proportion for a regular person who isn’t actively training, so you can be a little flexible on this one.


5. Make Your Own Seasoning for Instant Noodles

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Everyone craves instant noodles once in a while but unfortunately, one pack can contain at least 32 percent of your daily sodium needs. One way to have your noodles without all that sodium is to ditch the packaged seasoning and make it yourself. You can change it up by putting garlic, soy sauce, or herbs instead.