Instagram has the secrets to cook (and eat) the perfect scrambled eggs

By Ea Francisco | Photo by Gabriel Gurrola/Unsplash

As far as healthy breakfasts are concerned, scrambled eggs rank high on the list. It’s low in calories and high in protein, so it’s no surprise these fluffy eggs are a common meal choice for athletes. They’re pretty easy to make too, but where’s the fun in doing the same old recipe? Mix it up with these scrambled innovations straight out of Instagram.


One way you can have your scrambled eggs is to make it with coconut milk instead of regular milk. It’s great for those on a vegan diet.


But the most popular way for healthy eaters to have their scrambled eggs is to pair it up with avocado and smoked salmon. It kicks off your breakfast with high amounts of healthy fat for your day.


For athletes, you can also put them on toast like what this jiu-jitsu player does.


When you’ve just finished an intense workout, you need a protein-packed breakfast to go with it, and sometimes eggs just aren’t enough. You can add half a cup of quinoa and diced oranges like what this pilates instructor did.


If you’re not a fan of egg yolk, try this cute food trend called “cloud eggs” where you only whisk the whites and place the yolk after.


You can also go beyond the basic breakfast staple by making a breakfast taco made with fried spam and pineapple and jalapeno pico de gallo.


For less calories (or if you don’t have a stove), microwave your scrambled eggs. You can just put the whisked eggs in a mug and cook on high for a minute or two.


Or, you can always take the simple route and pair up your scrambled eggs with berries.