Let’s retrace our steps with these Transformation Tuesday inspirations so you too can achieve what they did

By Ea Francisco | Illustration by Lara Intong

It’s one thing to take weight loss advice from a faceless writer online, it’s another to hear it from people who’ve actually done it. There’s a lot of misleading and contradicting stuff on the internet. To give you a little more perspective, we’ve gathered our previous Transformation Tuesday articles and made you a comprehensive list of what their stories can teach you.

Don’t Mind Other People in the Gym

Feeling awkward or self-conscious in the gym? Everybody’s been there. Actually, one of the most common things our past interviewees have said is that they feel insecure and judged in the gym. Just remember that everyone’s been there and most people won’t even care or pay attention to you. Sometimes, you’ll encounter the occasional douche who would laugh at you like in Luigi Tan’s experience but ignore them. Find a reason to go there; it doesn’t even have to be a good reason. Ian Pangan, who lost 67 pounds, initially used the membership fee as a reason to go. I mean, I don’t know about you, but I’d be pretty motivated too if it involved spending money.

Find Something that Works for You

People are going to swear by this kind of diet or that kind of exercise, but the same thing doesn’t always apply to everybody. Take it from a De Guzman who lost 57 pounds. Sometimes you have to try everything before you can find the weight loss strategy that fits you. Many of those we’ve interviewed said they tried dieting but it just wasn’t sustainable, which brings us to our next point.

Exercise and Eating Clean Go Hand-in-Hand

Yes, some people are going to say that keto diet was the key or gym and boxing were the answers, but notice how it’s never just one thing or the other. Those who swear by exercise don’t neglect their nutrition and eat sugary, greasy food. Rather, they adopt  new clean eating habits.

Set Small Goals for the Bigger Picture

You can set your weight goals, sure, but like we always say, you won’t get change overnight. If you only look at the end goal, you’ll end up discouraging yourself because you’re always going to focus on the gap between your weight now and your ideal weight. Set a series of short-term goals that lead up to your end results. What many of our past Transformation Tuesdays have done is celebrate the small achievements like losing a few pounds a month. It’ll help you feel like you’ve actually done something, even if it’s just small, instead of making you feel bad with how far you are from your goal.

Health problems may have been what pushed our past interviewees to the edge, but don’t wait until you’re plugged into a heart monitor to change.

Start Out with Cardio

You can’t exactly go from zero to 100 right away, so what’s helped people like Derek Rapusas, who lost 62 pounds, is to start off with some light cardio like walking in the park. Even a little walking and running can go a long way. It’s even helped people like Tom Tacwigan and now-triathlete Glenda Evangelista. The fact that cardio is the easiest to start makes it a good gateway exercise for anyone aspiring to lose weight.

Consistency is Key

At some point, you’re going to reach a slump. Everyone in our Transformation Tuesday features talk about hitting a point where they didn’t think they could lose anymore weight and almost quit. Just like this nurse who lost 75 pounds, Maco Bulos, who kept at his schedule and stepped up the effort to get shredded. Remember that it doesn’t stop once you’ve reached a significant change. Even someone like Dave Panganiban who’s already lost as much as 166 pounds is still continually working to get fitter.

Schedule Your Sleep

Another important thing about weight loss is to get enough sleep at night. Rest is important for recovery and getting energy for your workout. It’s a full lifestyle change. Even Ronel Samson and Gil Perez agree that it’s all about time management and making healthy sacrifices. Otherwise, you won’t be able to properly execute your exercises or maintain your diet.

Don’t Wait Until You Get Sick

Health problems may have been what pushed our past interviewees to the edge, but don’t wait until you’re plugged into a heart monitor to change.