Who knew some foods can turn toxic when you reheat them?

By Ea Francisco

For some of us, the closest thing we could get to eating out is probably reheating something from who knows when. While it’s great you’re not wasting food, not everything is actually microwave-friendly. Here are four foods that would probably be better off prepared as a cold sandwich instead of being reheated.

Hard Boiled Egg

When you want to reheat your eggs with the shell on, the microwave isn’t the way to do it. For one, it will literally explode because of the moisture inside—the steam inside would build up too fast. If it doesn’t explode while in the microwave, it’s still capable of exploding after you take it out. If you want to warm eggs with the shell on, put them in hot water for a few minutes instead.


Ideally, fresh mushrooms should be eaten the same day it’s prepared because its protein can deteriorate fast according to the European Food Information Council. Depending on how it’s stored, it can upset your stomach when you reheat it. Store them in the fridge for no more than a day to make sure it’s still safe to reheat. This rule only applies to fresh mushrooms though and not processed ones like canned and dried ones.


How you store potatoes beforehand is just as important. According to The Independent, potatoes left out at room temperature and unrefrigerated can become toxic. It could make conditions favorable for the development of the rare bacteria Clostridium botulinum, which causes botulism. Warm temperatures can promote bacteria growth, which is why it’s recommended that you put cooked potatoes in the fridge as soon as possible.


The issue with chicken is that the microwave won’t be able to heat it all the way through. You would have to be constantly flipping it over, in which case you’re better off using a hot pan instead. Chicken is high in protein (higher than red meat even), and repeatedly reheating it can change its protein composition. This might upset your stomach in some cases. It’s best to make sure you only reheat chicken once and make sure the inside is really hot, too.