The formula to immortality is more veggies, less meat

By Ea Francisco | Photo by Elaine Casap/Unsplash

Veganism is a growing trend and now, you have reason to believe that it’s not just to look cool. Recent studies have shown that vegans actually live longer than meat eaters.

The limited food options vegans have are crucial factors, and having a plant-based diet has its own set of health benefits. Meat tends to be high in saturated fat and cholesterol. These two are directly associated with risks of stroke and heart disease. Studies show that those who eat more fruits and vegetables are 42 percent less likely to develop these diseases than those who consume less.

Another thing worth noting is that a lot of our meat tends to be processed like ham and hotdogs. Anything processed tends to be packed with salt, unhealthy fats, and sometimes, added sugar. Eating too much can increase your risk of diabetes and obesity. While it won’t exactly cure diabetes, a vegan diet can help you maintain weight and blood sugar levels.

A 2008 study notes that it’s not really the exclusion of meat that makes vegans live longer but ample consumption of fruits and vegetables

However, a 2008 study notes that it’s not really the exclusion of meat that makes vegans live longer but ample consumption of fruits and vegetables. People usually don’t meet their daily fruits and vegetables quota, so you’re likely missing out on nutrients needed to fight diseases. A vegan diet helps fix this problem. A group study found that vegans and vegetarians had higher intakes of fiber, vitamin B1, folate, vitamin C, vitamin E, magnesium, and iron compared to those who eat meat.

Although there’s always the question of where to get enough protein, beans, legumes, grains, and soy can give you just as much as meat could. Some studies even found that plant-based protein can help lower cholesterol levels.

A vegan and vegetarian diet also means that you’re getting more antioxidants. Studies reveal that this even links to a four percent decrease in cancer risk and a 15 percent decrease in premature death.

While vegans are definitely living than most people, it doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone should start doing it now. The real takeaway from veganism is that we should all be eating more greens than meat. You can still live a longer life without fully cutting meat off your diet.

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