With its Bike For A Cause event and month-long bike fair, the outdoors brand brought together the local outdoor community for a mighty good reason 

More than just a biking event, Bike For A Cause held last Sept. 23 in Nuvali was a charity effort held in partnership with Bikes for the Philippines, a non-profit foundation that provides bicycles to less fortunate Filipino students, together with Heroes on Wheels, an assistance program of the Center for Outdoor Recreation Expedition created in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan in 2013. Proceeds from this year’s Bike For A Cause was turned over to the student-beneficiaries of Talahib Pandayan National High School in Batangas City.

18K riders in the trail

26K riders on the road

Divided into two categories, the ride proper officially kicked off at 6:30am and 6:40am for the 26K and 18K divisions respectively. With the route spanning Mahagnao Street and its nearby vicinity, the event managed to offer riders a unique biking experience.

For those who were seeking a more challenging experience, the 18-kilometer course proved ideal as it involved a course made up of 20 percent road and 80 percent trail routes. On the other hand, bikers who were after a more leisurely ride enjoyed their time at the 26-kilometer all-road biking course. This year’s event managed to gather close to 400 participants. 

As a treat for participants, a series of side games and raffle segments were held after the ride proper.

Heroes on Wheels turnover: Nicole Garingan of ROX, Christine Villaflor and Time Estiva of CORE, Rochelle Zapanta-Tern Ambassador and Marinella Mallari, Marketing of ROX

Students and representatives of Talahib Pandayan National High School, the beneficiaries of Bike for the Philippines

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