This is how to look good in your 30s

By Ea Francisco | Lead photo from Instagram

Let’s be honest. Even after a year, everyone’s not over 2NE1 disbanding. You know what else we can’t get over? Sandara Park’s abs in their surprise performance in the 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards.

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Dara proves that anyone can have a chiseled body, even in their 30s. Here’s some everyday fitness lessons we can learn from the Philippines’ favorite Korean star.

Set goals for yourself. (Translation: ‘to become’)

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Best body가 되기 위하여!!!

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Self-discipline is key. You got to work out even when you’re alone or don’t want to.

Always hydrate! (Which is also her secret to looking youthful and ageless)

It’s okay to eat what you want.

Be active, even on vacations.

Have a selfie before a workout to boost your motivation.

Treat yourself sometimes!

Late-night exercise works too, especially if you’re as busy as her.

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T3 📷

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Get some protein in your system after a workout.

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