From navigation to photo sharing and everything in between, here is a list of the best travel apps to use backed up by some of our favorite travelers

By Sophia Berbano Concordia | Photo by Saulo Mohana/Unsplash

It’s hard not to find someone holding on to their smartphone these days, so it would only be understandable that with the rise of technology also came the convenience of having everything you need at the palm of your hands. Especially when it came to traveling. And although perfect planning and proper organization don’t necessarily equate to a perfect trip, it does make all the difference.


Navigation is key whenever it comes to exploring a new city or place, and although getting lost can be fun, nothing beats the comfort of knowing where you’re headed—especially when you need to get your tita that magnet you promised her. CityMaps2Go provides downloadable, offline maps and guides to help you get through the most labyrinthine cities without having to worry about killing all your data just to get to the closest Starbucks. 


When traveling in groups, photo sharing can be quite the task, especially when everybody wants a bit of everything from everyone. PhotoCircle makes sharing photos simple and convenient without sacrificing quality. “It’s like Dropbox. It’s a perfect replacement of Messenger apps that reduce file sizes” says Waves for Water country head and Altum design store head Carlo Delantar.


Efficient costing is vital in properly planning a trip. From being able to budget your food to airfare and even up to your very last meal, properly spending your money is not only going to make your trip easier, but it’ll also give you the peace of mind that you won’t be going home broke. PocketExpense allows you to budget your everyday spending. From the small expenses you make on your trip to the small souvenirs you buy at the airport, this app helps you keep track of how much you’re spending, keeping you in check just to make sure you won’t break bank. You can segregate your cards, monitor your budget, and get a quick analysis on your expenses all at the same time.


Hand in hand with efficient costing is also being able to properly gauge the value of something that catches your eye. Sometimes, things turn out to be cheaper than if you were to buy them at home, but other times, you’re just led to thinking that you’re cutting back on costs when in reality, you’re paying just as much as you would in your home country. Oanda is an efficient currency-converting app that works both online and offline in helping you determine whether or not those shoes are actually worth buying. You also get to keep track of your spreadsheets and trades, so even when you’re away on vacation, you can keep track of your business.


Traveling in groups can be a challenge, especially when everyone wants to hop from one place to another. In case one of your friends strays from your group, Life360 is an app that can help you locate them if ever they do get lost. It tracks where everyone is based on their location without the use of the internet, making it easy to reach each other.


In case you’re a picky eater or careful about the food you consume in general, this app helps you with just that. HappyCow easily locates vegan or vegetarian restaurants within your current area to save you and your diet even in the most remote of places.

Though technology has tremendously influenced the way we live, nothing quite beats the feeling of getting around off the own sweat of your brow. Going through free pamphlets at airports that greet you once you land, asking a local if you’re heading the right direction, and even taking the wrong turn that can re-route your entire trip; It’s the little things like this that make trips more than going from one place to another and it actually becoming an adventure of your very own design.  

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