As long as you hydrate yourself properly, says Hanz Go

By Eric Nicole Salta | Photos by RG Medestomas | Grooming by Hannah Patriarca | Hair by Koi Castillo

When talking about the complete package, Hanz Go seems to have it all. And no, it’s not as lewd as it seems so get your mind out of the gutter. Aside from handling business development responsibilities for a packaging/manufacturing company and teaching indoor cycling to enthusiastic followers, this all-around nice guy is also a CrossFit athlete and a dancer who’s competed in national competitions and throwdowns. That’s a pretty flexible and strong package right there. So it’s no surprise when Go says that his classes are more like parties on the bike. After all, isn’t having a good time part of the indoor cycling package?

When and how did your fitness journey begin?

It started out back in high school when I was part of a street dance club. We competed in various inter-school and national competitions. From there, I jumped to other cardio workouts like boxing, swimming, running, and then to Crossfit and indoor cycling.

What is it about spinning or indoor cycling that makes it a great workout?

Best thing about indoor cycling is how you can incorporate dancing throughout the workout. It’s basically partying on bikes!

What’s so unique about your class?

I make it a point to let the riders be comfortable with their bikes. And then I ease them into the class until we’re all partying, jumping, and wildin’ out at the very end.

What’s the toughest part of your job?

Most challenging part for me is nitpicking the songs and arranging the playlist in a way that would engage the riders, challenge them, and give them a pleasant experience.

Is working as a Ride Revolution instructor a viable career option?

It definitely is. Apart from monetary compensation (of course), there is definitely so much fulfillment in making your rider’s day.

What advice would you give to someone struggling to meet their fitness goals?

Try to start out with small achievable goals and then work your way up. It could be as simple as avoiding or taking something out of what you would normally eat until it becomes a habit. With dedication and consistency, I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to conquer these goals in no time.

Share a specific tip or trick to be able to finish a spinning class.

Attending an indoor cycling class, you’re bound to sweat tons. I can’t stress how hydrating yourself is so important. Take a sip before the start of a class and continue to do every so often. You’re going to notice that you’ll be more consistent with those sprints and you’ll be able to power through until that last song.

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