When it comes to marathons and long-distance swimming, women have the upper hand

By Ea Francisco | Photo by morgan sarkissian/Unsplash

Women are naturally better at endurance sports, new studies show.

While most studies have stated that men build more muscle and are physically stronger, some showed that women outperform men in long-distance and endurance events. This can very well be linked to the new study that shows that women process oxygen better.

Their study showed that women processed oxygen 30 times faster than men, so they are less likely to experience muscle fatigue.

This can probably explain the past studies that suggested that women are better at pacing than men, so they are less likely to slow down during the second half of a marathon.

Studies also said that in an ultramarathon, women are more likely to finish than men.

Women are also shown to excel at long-distance swimming, too. A 2014 and 2015  study showed that on average, the fastest women were 12 to 14 percent faster than the fastest men. The latter study even showed that between 1927 and 2014, women were 52.9 minutes faster.

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