Real talk, this is how you build muscle without cheating

By Ea Francisco | Lead photo from Instagram

Whoever said Korean guys are all skinny clearly hasn’t seen Julien Kang.

You’d probably recognize this model-actor from his recent role in the K-drama “Fight For My Way,” but let it be known that those muscle aren’t just for show. After his latest shoot with International BNT, he’s definitely giving all those critics a run for their money. If you’re aiming to be as jacked as him, then here are some bodybuilding tips from the man himself.

Do deadlifts to strengthen your core, grip, and posterior chain (the muscles that run from your calves to your lower back, spine, and under your skull).



Get used to eating a lot of chicken breast and sweet potatoes


“Less talk, more action.”


Like he said in an interview with International BNT, “It’s important to find a way of enjoying a workout rather than just thinking to work out. That’s how you can persistently do it.”


Focus on yourself and don’t compare with others!


Add some explosive sports along with your weight training to keep you on your toes.


Like mixed martial arts, for example.


For your core exercise, challenge yourself by doing it slower.


It’s less about counting calories and more on just eating a balanced diet. To translate part of what Kang said, “think of your body like a car; put in good fuel and you’ll look good, too.”


No gym? No problem. Go out or do body weight exercises but don’t make excuses.


There are no shortcuts. “Fitness is a marathon not a sprint”

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