Taking inspiration from these Instagram accounts can be a good way to kick-start a fitter 2018.

By Catherine Orda | Lead photo from Instagram

Whether you like working out alone or in pairs—or prefer the company of many—there is a constant presence in the road to fitness: social media-savvy fitness enthusiasts.

Their influence is undeniable, their passion for fitness endlessly inspiring. There’s never exactly a single, specific instance that saw the burgeoning of these personalities, these fitness junkies that we’ve collectively dubbed as fitspirations.

Whatever the case, we’re sure of one thing—we’d love for them to stay and keep on doing what they do. Here are some of the best local Instagram accounts you can follow to inspire you to get fitter this year.


Lexi Gancayco (@lexi_gancayco)

Follow Ride Revolution instructor Lexi Gancayco and you can start working on that summer body as early as now.


Gretchen Ho (@gretchenho)

Gretchen Ho can convince you that you can’t be too busy to skip working out.

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Solenn Heussaff (@solenn)

Winning takes pain. You’ll start seeing this hard reality as inspiring advice after seeing Solenn Heussaff’s fitness routines.

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Erwan Heussaff (@erwan)

Passionately working out and cooking his way to a healthier body, Erwan Heussaff can teach you a thing or two about staying fit and eating right.

Noelle De Guzman (@kikayrunner) 

Follow freelance writer Noelle De Guzman for sport science tidbits and tips on how to stay on the race track while also looking good.

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Ian Banzon (@ibanzon)

Fitness coach and doctor Ian Banzon believes that carbs are good for you. She’ll help you stay motivated in your journey towards fitness, knowing you don’t always need to dramatically cut back on some of your favorite food.

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Mona Lisa Neuboeck  (@monalisaneuboeck)

It’ll be hard not to trade staying in for a fun day working out after seeing staunch vegan and raw food chef Mona Lisa Neuboeck enjoying the outdoors.


Bok Santos (@boksantos)

Check out how some of your favorite celebrities stay in shape, thanks to celebrity trainer Bok Santos’ everyday gym adventures.

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Nikko Huelgas (@nikkohuelgas)

Let Southeast Asian Games gold medalist and chairman of the Philippine National Athlete’s Commission Nikko Huelgas show you how you can stay toned and binge on roast chicken and burgers.

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 Jaymie Pizzaro (@jaymiepizzaro)

Don’t feel like running today? Try following Jaymie Pizzaro’s adventures as she pursues her dream of running marathons all over the world.


Drew Arellano (@drewarellano)

You’ll be clamoring for a day spent outdoors after seeing breathtaking shots of Drew Arellano’s travels and workout routines.

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