Eight easy steps to get you back on the saddle in no time courtesy of Philippine national triathlete Nikko Huelgas

Illustrations by Lee Caces

First, take out the wheel then deflate the interiors.


Take out the interiors using a tire lever. We usually use two levers to properly take it out. Make sure you first enter the tire lever across the valve of the interior. The second one should be inserted just a few inches away from the first to easily remove the interiors.


Once you’ve taken out the interiors in between the first and second tire levels, swipe out the interiors clockwise from the second lever.


Always check the inner and outer parts of the tires for small stones or nails.


Pump the new interior just to about 5 PSI to easily insert it inside the tire.


Insert the interior starting from the value and continue clockwise. Make sure you close the gap first of the interiors and the tires on top of the value itself.


Once all the parts of the interiors have been inserted and closed, don’t forget to check the sides of the tires to ensure all interiors are well tucked in. This will guarantee that you won’t get a tiny hole once you’ve already pumped your tires.


Pump the tires to 100 PSI. If the new interiors already have a patch on them, then I suggest that you don’t pump it to more than 95 PSI.

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