New research says the higher the BMI, the calmer your mind is

By Ea Francisco

New study suggests that overweight people lead happier lives.

Despite how extra weight is usually associated with increased health risks, a study from the International Journal of Epidemiology revealed that overweight people tend to live happier lives and have a calmer state of mind. The group behind the study analyzed “how they could use the PHEnome Scan Analysis Tool to perform automated phenome scans in the UK Biobank.”

In the research, the authors ended up with the same conclusions about the connection between health and BMI. Basically, it’s the stuff we know like high blood pressure and diabetes being linked to a higher BMI. What comes as a surprise is their findings on people who are overweight and their state of mind. According to the researchers, those with genetically higher BMI “were less likely to perceive themselves as a nervous person or to call themselves tense or ‘highly strung.’”

This is supported by the head of eating disorders faculty at the Royal College of Psychiatrists Dasha Nicholls who said to The Times, “we know that if someone is nutritionally compromised that affects their ability to regulate their emotions.” She also explained how a person’s eating patterns can affect their mental state. For instance, malnourished people are likely to have problems reigning in their thoughts and feelings.

While this may be the case, this isn’t to say that you should let yourself go overweight. Rather, it’s all about having a positive mindset, and don’t let your negative thoughts take charge of your eating habits.