This list of actors proves that you don’t have to be a superhero to get a super body  

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With movie after movie coming up, it looks like 2018 is going to be one hell of a year for comic book fans. And naturally, these superhero films come with super fit actors and actresses who’ll make you believe that any kind of weight loss is possible. We picked out the top ten superhero actors/actresses that’ll get you more than inspired to hit the gym.  


Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

After playing the role for 17 years, it’s hard to imagine an X-Men movie where Hugh Jackman isn’t Wolverine. Having to play a physically-enhanced mutant for so long comes with a strict and tough workout regime though. Both he and his trainer, David Kingsbury, said that his everyday workout consists of a lot of old-fashion techniques like circuit and squats. Kingsbury said he’s not too keen on modern-day bodybuilding that’s all bulk but little function.


Christian Bale as Batman

Bale’s transformation for his Batman Begins film has to be one of the most drastic transformations in Hollywood. He went from his almost paper-thin role in The Machinist to the buff billionaire in The Batman Returns. Immediately after that film, Bale had to gain weight and muscle in just six months for the superhero role. According to TRAIN, he had to up his calorie intake to gain back the 60 pounds he lost in his last film before he got to actually training. It apparently consisted of a lot of drop-sets and supersets to shock his body into growing.


Chris Pratt for Star-Lord/Peter Quill

Prior to Guardians of the Galaxy, people remember Chris Pratt for his role in Parks and Recreation, but he was hardly built like a superhero then. In six months, he shredded 60 pounds with a (sort of modified) paleo diet and a workout of traditional bodybuilding and conditioning. By the sequel, he switched it up to CrossFit and HIIT exercises.

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Chris Hemsworth as Thor

As the actor behind the Norse god of Thunder, Hemsworth’s workout is one of the most widely sought after routines. Initially, his trainer Luke Zocchi had him doing traditional bodybuilding once or twice a day for no more than an hour at a time and virtually no cardio. Now though, Hemsworth told Men’s Health that he’s expanding his workout with boxing and muay thai.


Henry Cavill as Superman

A Superman body has always been regarded a step above most superheroes, so expectations were high for Henry Cavill. By the time he starred in Man of Steel, Cavill was pretty much built like a tank, so much so that people are still asking if he was on steroids. His early stages of training was bulking up by doing Olympic weightlifting movements and eating calories by the thousands. After all that eating, he had to drastically lower calories to shed fat for his leaning phase.


Chris Evans as Captain America

Now, Captain America wasn’t Evans’ first superhero role. He’s already played the Human Torch before in the old Fantastic Four films, but the way he’s bulked up as Cap is a whole different thing. His trainer Simon Waterson made him do a workout with a high-weight and low-rep sets of compound lifts in order to reach the 200-pound weight goal.

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Paul Rudd as Ant-man

You can’t tell because of his costume, but Paul Rudd actually became fit and lean for the role. It was pretty impressive for someone who was in his late 40s to get into top shape. Rudd admitted to Variety that he followed the steps of Pratt and cut off all ‘fun’ foods. His workout was more gymnastics-based with some strength training. The CrossFit coach that worked with wanted him to specialize in functional fitness and getting the ‘symmetrical’ aesthetic.


Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

Of course, superheroines aren’t slacking off when it comes to their workouts either. A lot of people might say that she was still too skinny for Wonder Woman, but Gal Gadot definitely did the role justice (and that’s kind of an understatement really). She, along with her fellow Amazonian actresses, did a ton of weightlifting and various martial arts training to get into the role.

Stephen Amell as Green Arrow

They may not be as popular as the films, but the superhero series are just as impressive. With six seasons and counting, Amell said he doesn’t need a gym to train since his primary workout is all about bodyweight exercises. He also steps it up by doing parkour and freerunning in order to achieve the level of stunts fit for Arrow.


Michael B. Jordan as the Human Torch

He may be playing a villain in the upcoming Black Panther film but let’s not forget not-so-long ago, he played the Human Torch in the last Fantastic Four reboot. It was a busy year for Jordan as he had to get ripped to play both the superhero role and the boxing role that was released in the same year. His workout combined cardio with circuit training and was based on athletic conditioning and bodybuilding.

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