These couple exercises don’t just build core strength but trust and teamwork, too

By Ea Francisco | Photo by Form/Unsplash

For most people, Valentine’s Day is all about chocolates and dinner dates but for active couples, it could mean working up a sweat together. Whether spending the day with a significant other or a best friend, here are some partner exercises you can do together.


Leg Throw

This is a pretty easy exercise that doubles as a workout for your abs and thighs. It’s best done with a partner to maintain proper form. You start off by lying flat on your back while the other person is standing with their feet straddling the other’s head. Next, raise your feet while keeping your legs and knees straight. Your partner would hold them up by your shins and then throw them back down. You have to tighten your core so that your feet won’t hit the ground and then bring them back up. You two can step it up by throwing your legs sideways rather than forward.


Wheelbarrow Squats

This exercise is great at working your core and upper body. To do this, you have to go into a planking position with your partner standing by your feet. Your partner will then lift your feet off the ground so that you’ll look like a human wheelbarrow. From there, do a normal pushup and as you go down, the other person also lowers themselves into a squat. You should work in sync when going up or down.


Plank Row with Resistance Band

Build strength and stability with your partner with this workout. Position yourselves in a plank facing each other like the video above. Put some distance between yourselves with the resistance band in between you two. Then, pull the resistance band like a tug of war. Make sure you’re aware of how hard you’re pulling though, so you won’t accidentally hurt your partner.


Plank Push-up Clap

A plank and a push-up combination is one of the most effective and complete exercises. This is because it combines core building from the plank and arm and shoulder and back strength from the push-ups. It’s made even harder by doing it with a partner and adding a clapping motion. For this, you and your partner should position yourselves first in a planking position facing each other. Then, move by extending your arms into a push-up position one arm at a time. In this position, raise your right hand and clap with your partner in front of you and then switch to the other arm. Go back down into a plank position one arm at a time and then repeat.


Front Bird Acroyoga

If you think yoga looks cool, then imagine yoga with acrobatics. Acroyoga has a lot of benefits like building core strength and flexibility. It’s a great trust activity too if you feel like testing your relationship. In acroyoga, you have the Base, the person who has contact to the ground, and the Flyer, the one suspended off the ground. There’s also a Spotter to make sure you don’t hurt yourselves. For this position, the Base lies flat on their back with their legs stretched up. The Flyer should be able to position themselves in a straight plank with the Base’s feet supporting the Flyer’s core. There are a number of ways you and your partner can figure this out; the most common way is to hold hands with your Base as they adjust themselves to support your weight. Hold this position for as long as you can.

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