Here’s how to brace for your first trail run experience

With the allure of beautiful views, fresh air, and new adrenaline pumping experiences, trail running has become a sport more and more people want to try. Even runners are getting off the treadmill and the track to turn to the mountains to score miles. To get first-timers prepped and excited, here are tips on how to prepare for your very first trail run:

Choose the Right Gear

Long treks are sure to come your way, so opt for lightweight breathable gear from apparel to shoes and bags. For shoes, ensure that it’s built to protect your feet from any terrain to avoid injuries such as the Merrell MQM Flex, which offers the best of a hardcore hiking boot and a trail running shoe in one. If you have one, bring a lightweight hydration pack with a 1.5-liter bladder to keep you hydrated on the trail. For apparel, opt for quick dry shirts to keep you comfortable after a long day of running. Pack as light as possible, since a heavy load will slow you down and tire you out faster.


Climbing—let alone running—up a mountain requires great health and physical strength. When working out, include exercises that build balance and agility to keep you sturdy when running on uneven terrain. In order to boost your endurance, jog and run regularly so you won’t tire easily. Vary your speed, incline, and distance to challenge yourself.


Test out the trail and experience the mountain views first hand with a simple hike. This will enable you to feel the terrain so you will not be caught off guard when you finally start running on it. Also, expect trail running to be much slower as compared to running on the road, thanks to natural obstacles and terrain. So, a little bit of climbing will help level your expectations on the trail too.


Leave no trace whenever you venture in nature. Littering is not tolerated on the road, much more in nature and the mountains. Keep the mountains litter-free  to ensure an enjoyable run for you and your companions. Let the flora and fauna flourish on the mountain side and refrain from leaving trash or taking parts of the natural ecosystem of the mountain.

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