Japanese troupe Drum Tao returns with a spectacular new show on April 19 to 22 at Kia Theatre

World-renowned Japan martial arts and drum-playing extraordinaires Drum Tao have an exciting stage show for 2018 with costumes created by fashion designer Junko Koshino.

After playing to audiences of more than seven million, in 400 cities in 17 countries that include Switzerland, Denmark, Israel, USA, Australia, Spain, Belgium, UK, and Germany, critically-acclaimed Drum Tao, will explode onto the Manila stage with its eclectic mix of dance and martial arts as the dynamic and innovative Japanese performers beat their wadaiko drums.

Drum Tao is an innovative contemporary Japanese production that has thrilled audiences with its ground-breaking presentation and one-of-a-kind show. The two-hour extravaganza features super human efforts by the highly disciplined crew of Japanese taiko drummers, who spend eight months of the year touring the world, giving it their all in the 500 shows they perform a year.

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