Photographer RG Medestomas might just convince you to fast intermittently

Text by and photos courtesy of RG Medestomas

Many will agree that back in college, money was tight and we had to work our pre-adulting life around it. I remember saving up every single peso that I can for out-of-town trips on the weekends, even if it means skipping breakfast and braving the rush hour back home so I can catch mom’s dinner (free!). A number of years later, that habit has a new label—intermittent fasting.

Intermittent fasting is basically fasting for 16 hours and giving yourself a window of  eight hours to eat. After reading articles about it and hearing positive feedback from friends who now embrace this lifestyle, I thought “Why not do it again? I’ve done this before. It will be easy.” Boy, was I completely wrong. My first few days were the worst. I’m a photographer and I often shoot food, my girlfriend loves to eat, and my home is constantly stocked with snacks. But I stuck to it. One month later, here’s what I noticed:


Sharper mind

My assistant and I notice that we worked faster. I was more organized and I have more creative inputs now than I did before. I guess downing two shots of espresso for breakfast gave me that extra boost of readiness.

I did not lose weight, but I got toned

This is probably the result of my new workout program, but fasting also helped me reach my goals faster and more efficiently. I wanted toned muscles so I changed my exercise. Instead of lifting extra heavy weights but lesser reps, I switched to lighter weights but more reps. I kept checking my weight but it stayed the same. And I see cuts too.


More energy

Before intermittent, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I walk with my dad from 5:30 to 6:30 am and then hit the gym from 7 to 8am. Have my breakfast and then work. Then I take a nap after lunch. Now I don’t feel sluggish. I don’t take naps anymore. And I just want to hit the gym all the time.

Quality sleep

My sleep quality got better. It kind of helped to know that I don’t need to get up and eat breakfast—that means I get to sleep in on slow work days. And we all know better sleep equates to better mood for the day ahead.


Better bowel movement

I used to take ACV and honey first thing in the morning for my constipation. But now, I go in and out of the toilet in just a couple of minutes without the hassle.

In general, all these diets or eating patterns or whatever you want to call it have different effects on everyone. You really have to listen to your body. Intermittent fasting worked for me because it, well for a lack of better term, shocked my body into a strict eating schedule. I’m still observing if my body will adapt or if it will continue to be like this. My advice is to always hydrate. And just because something works for someone doesn’t mean it will also work for you. So far, the method I’ve tried has helped me with my goals. If all goes well after a month then I’ll reassess and then decide from there whether to continue with it or not. 

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