These books are good reasons for you to try going vegan (even for just a week)

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Any serious discussion of the ethics of veganism versus meat eating deserves its own book, and debates surrounding the whole issue won’t be settled any time soon. For now, what we want to focus on is this idea:  it’s never a bad thing to try and incorporate more vegetables in our diets. We’ve rounded up seven of the best vegan and vegetarian cookbooks that can help you do that:


The Skeptical Vegan by Eric C. Lindstrom

Perfect for: People thinking about going vegan but are hesitant about it

The book: Going vegan is probably one of the most drastic changes one can make in their lifestyle. It’s a serious shift in diet that is understandably intimidating, but is definitely rewarding in the long run especially in terms of health. Eric C. Lindstrom guides his readers through this journey by telling a funny, relatable story of how he turned from someone who ate almost nothing but meat to someone who’s more mindful about what they put in their bodies.

Must-try recipe: Rice paper bacon


Vegan: The Cookbook by Jean-Christian Jury

Perfect for: People who think vegan cooking is boring and gross

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The book: Widely considered by vegan communities as “the Bible” of vegan cooking, this book can serve as the perfect introduction to those who are skeptical about the flavors (or lack thereof) and varieties of a plant-based diet. Featuring easy-to-prepare vegan recipes from around the world, this book is proof of the culinary diversity of vegan cuisine. Jury says that this book is designed to convince non-vegans that meat isn’t always necessary to have a filling meal.

Must-try recipe: Black bean and mango soup


Bowls of Goodness: Vibrant Vegetarian Recipes Full of Nourishment by Nina Olsson

Perfect for: People who are getting bored with what they usually eat

The book: Featuring simple and delicious comfort food recipes from around the world, this book will reintroduce some creativity in your everyday meals. Olsson teaches her readers how to pack maximum nutrition and flavor into a single bowl that is both comforting and exciting.

Must-try recipe: Loyal lentil chili


Veganize It! Easy DIY Recipes for a Plant-Based Kitchen by Robin Robertson

Perfect for: People who can’t give up their favorite meat dishes but who want to eat more vegetables

The book: Featuring plant-based meat recipes, this book is also perfect for vegans who miss their pre-vegan diet. With sections like “vegan charcuterie,” this book is a great example of how plant-based ingredients can actually mimic (and even serve as substitutes for) the savory flavors and unique textures of meat. Lastly, the recipes are relatively simple and straightforward, which are perfect for busy home cooks.

Must-try recipe: Vegan barbecue sandwiches


On Vegetables by Jeremy Fox

Perfect for: Those serious about and has access to good produce

The book: Michelin star chef Jeremy Fox writes personally about his relationship with vegetables—from the time they’re harvested to when they reach plates. The recipes are accompanied by in-depth explanations and discussions in matters concerning vegetable cooking. With recipes like string peas with white chocolates, the techniques used here are pretty advanced, but the book is still worth picking up if you’re looking for unique ways to prepare vegetables.

Must-try: Classic basil pesto


Crossroads by Tal Ronnen

Perfect for: People seeking for more challenging vegan recipes; for the serious vegan cook

The book: Tal Ronnen teaches master courses in vegetarian cooking at Le Cordon Bleu and is the owner of the acclaimed restaurant, Crossroads—one of the best spots for vegan comfort food in LA. This cookbook is a collection of some of the most popular dishes in Crossroads, which means that the techniques in the cookbook are a bit advanced. The recipes here are not feasible for everyday cooking, but are perfect for grand dinner parties.

Must-try recipe: Sweet potato gnocchi with broccolini florets aglio olio


The No-Meat Athlete Cookbook by Matt Frazier and Stepfanie Romine

Perfect for: Fitness enthusiasts and aspiring athletes

The book: Matt Frazier, an ultramarathoner, has compiled a comprehensive collection of meatless dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that cater to all types of workout routines. One of the best things about this book is that it’s concerned with fueling athletes for their workouts. It  includes DIY sports drinks recipes that can replace energy drinks, and dishes that can speed-up post-workout recovery. The recipes are also really simple, so you might want to pick up this book even if you think you can’t cook.

Must-try recipes: Switchel (the original sports drink) and oil-free vegan banana bread

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